The Characters

Mademoiselle HauteMess

The ringleader of debauchery, the queen of awkward, the magnet for assholes and the ridiculously quirky single gal just looking for her own peace of mind.  I am lucky to have the most amazing friends in the world- they keep me balanced, in good booze, and never lonely.  Their stories have helped me fill up many a blogpost, but in case you were wondering who they are- good luck figuring it out!  Characters have been combined into a small crew, these "Messes" each represent at least 3 friends of mine who all have similar personalities and play a similar role in my life.  So one day, MarriedMess could be based on a Sally and one day based on Jane....but they are all real and they are all really JUST LIKE THIS!

Mademoiselle BlondeMess

While not exactly the "Samantha" of the crew, BlondeMess is most definitely the most popular with the men.  This sexy blonde siren leaves a trail of broken hearts behind her whereever she goes.  A serial dater, a BFF, a party girl, and a damn solid person- she is the perfect mix of HOT and MESS!

Senorita CalienteMess

Definitely the most brazen of all the girls; she says what she wants whenever she wants.  She is loyal and feisty and sometimes OOC.  She is both mischievous and sexy...thoughtful and kind.  She is the perfect mix of sultry and sweet- lovable to the max!

Madame MarriedMess

The lady with a past who gives us all hope for our future.  She has found a man who accepts her as she is...which is fun, wild, kind, and caring.  She tells it like it is and picks you up when you are down.  She has been there and done that, and never judges.  She is the rock, the support, the ultimate wingwoman...and still as much fun as ever.

Mr. GayMess

The hilarious, sarcastic, shitshow prone Gay BFF.  He is supportive yet honest- you always know exactly what he thinks, but he is never judgey.  He is hot and attracts tons of his boy drama rivals any of the female messes...but he is the one who usually rejects, breaks hearts, or has the strength to just walk away.  He is the sage. The wise one. Mostly because he has been through shit that you only read about in Soap Opera Digest.

Bitchy Little Rat Dog

The queen bee of the HauteMess Household.  The guard dog, the barkiest rat in the world, the owner of HauteMess.  She rules with an iron fist and furry little face that just forces people to submit to her.  She is like any hot girl in high school- very beautiful, but very mean.  She has turned even the most burly of men into babytalking teddybears begging her to let them pet her.  Yet her cold shoulder indifference only drives them more mad with desire for her approval.  Few ever get to see her sweet, cuddlebug side, and they consider themselves lucky.


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